Zorb Football Reveiw At Play Football In Colchester, Essex

So yesterday we spent the evening at Play Football Colchester, taking part in Zorb Football. As I sit here writing this in the sunshine I still have a smile on my face and can’t stop laughing at the photos and videos.

I’ll start at the beginning, firstly, if you’re not familiar with zorbing football, picture what its like to be in a human hamster ball but with your legs hanging out the bottom.

As we all walked onto the pitch, itching to jump in a zorb but terrified and what lays ahead. 12 people in the zorbs stood 6 at each end of the field. Aim of the first game? To find out what it’s like to fall over in it, on the sound of GO it was Run at the person in front of you as fast as you could, the outcome was most people laying on the floor in fits of laughter.

Nervs gone, everyone turned on their competitive side as we played a quick game of football, first to 3 goals wins, pretty simple, shouldn’t take too long I thought to myself. 10minutes later it was nil nil, and neither team looked close to making a goal. Everyone trying to knock over someone from the other team, who it was didn’t matter, the satisfaction of seeing the other team on the floor was much greater than scoring a goal.

The premise was simple, kick the ball. That’s fine until you remember you have a ball forming a shield 2ft around you, running full pelt to get the ball not seeing the person to your left, next thing you know, you’re bouncing around on the floor, Laughing and planning your revenge.

30 minutes into our session and everyone needed a water break, sweat pouring off me, I just about managed to slide out of the zorb, my T shirt was a different colour to when I arrived, but that didn’t matter, we were all in the same boat, hot, sweaty, out of breath and wanting to jump back in!

I think everyone would agree that the whole 90mins was laughter from start to finish. Watching people try to run, willing people to fall over and using everything they had to knock anyone off their feet.

I’d like to thank Darren from Play Football Colchester for hosting the event for us, we all had a great evening and we can’t wait to come back for round 2 (revenge)

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