Why The ‘New Year, New You’ Band Wagon Isn’t The Solution

So its January, its that time where everyone comes out with the New Year, New Me posts and every gym in town promotes it.

I’m not saying everyone that starts their Health and Fitness journey at the start of the year is doomed to fail, some people will do well and achieve everything they work hard for. A Study has shown that out of everyone that starts a new gym regime at the start of the year, there is only around 20% of them still going by the second week of February. This leaves the other 80% back to doing nothing and out of pocket now they are forking out for their membership.

The reason is simple, they jumped on the New Year, New Me train! With all the gyms shouting and raving about it, they got caught up in the moment and really went for it for a few weeks.  They had the support from the gym and help with their training. Then the gyms marketing changes, and those people that joined get left behind.

Anyone can make that decision to be fitter and healthier in the new year, whether that’s joining a gym, classes or bootcamp.  But only the people committed to it really achieve their goals.

Now I don’t want put people off starting their journey in the New Year, as a fitness professional, I love seeing new people starting a road to better Health & Fitness, I just believe there is a better way of going about it.

The Answer: In short, is to ignore the New Year, New Me. and focus on your health, fitness & lifestyle long term.

Nothing worth it is easy to get.  It can will take time. It will be hard. But I Promise you it will be Worth it.

At Bootcamp, we know there is no quick fix, there’s no magic pill, there is however a solution.

Every member at colchester bootcamps, get full access to our Bootcamp Bible; a complete healthy eating plan proved to get results.  Teamed up with unlimited sessions at bootcamp. A qualified personal trainer, there to help you along your journey. Fun sessions, Yes you did read that right, I did say FUN.  You have to enjoy what you are doing or your not going to stick with it.  Plus you get to workout in group where everyone is there for the same reason as you. All pushing each other to keep going.

Oh, and because we know it works, we offer a money back guarantee!

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