Sport Relief In Colchester 2016

sport relief colchester 2016

Join-Today-Sport-ReliefWhat a run!  It was great to see so many bootcampers running at the Colchester Castle Sport Relief Mile. (myself included, although I was only running the 1 mile route)

I’m so proud of everyone that ran.  We had people running all 3 distances, 1, 3 or 6 miles.  For some it was their first ever run!  For others it was a way of getting back into running and then those seasoned runners blasting off in the 6 mile run!

Want to give a massive shout out to Sara, who was ridiculously nervous as it was her first run she entered then completely smashed 3 miles in 26minutes!

And then to Mandy who ran the 3 miles in 32 minutes having not ran since Nov 2014!

Well done to everyone who ran.  Bring on the next one!



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