Review – Grain Restaurant In Colchester

So Friday night was our annual Christmas Social night at Bootcamp, having been to Grain a couple of times myself (and going on about it so much) I decided to get it booked up for the group.

I’d had the table booked for a good few weeks before hand and had been in E-mail conversations with Paul, one of the owners and chefs.  He devised a bespoke menu for our party that evening (can have a look at the photo below).  Taking into consideration any allergies or dislikes that I had mentioned.

To say I was looking forward to it was an understatement.  The warm bread roll came out with the in-house churned butter, fair to say everybody was pleased, the extra roll didn’t hang around for long.

Grain Menu

Set Menu created for our table

It was time for the First course ‘Garden’ – a vegetarian dish of Asian Broth with shredded veg…..Silence as everyone lapped it up. Either everyone loved it, or they were all very hungry, I will go with the former as I couldn’t fault it.

A short time passed as the kitchen cooked up plates for other tables.  Then excited spread across my face as I saw the chefs lay out 14 plates, ‘it must be for us’ I thought to myself,  I knew what was coming and was very much looking forward to the ‘Water’ (fish) plate. Sea Trout, cockles, cabbage and a caper butter.  Again everyone went quiet, I know a couple of people were a bit nervous about trying the trout, but even they couldn’t fault it.  3 big thumbs up already.

Because I know my Bootcampers love a bit of competition, I had a printed a musician/band quiz.  Basically loads of musicians and bands hidden it a picture, team to name the most win!  Having had from when we sat down, I collected peoples answers before the next course. Everyone, sure they had won, not that they are competitive eh? Winners to be announced before the dessert course, well you gotta create a bit of suspense.

‘Land’ (meat) course was brought over to the table, excited that we had Beef Rump, Onion Puree and a Texan Short-rib Chilli.  One of the party doesn’t eat red meat so the kitchen happily cooked up a plate of the vegetarian option.  By all accounts both plates went down extremely well, once again nothing but praise to the kitchen and 14 very happy bootcampers.

Happy with the food we’d had so far, it was time for dessert or ‘Sweet’.  With ‘Chocolate Truffle, Banoffee, Cheesecake, cookie’ on the menu even I couldn’t wait to try it.  Wow – No other words would describe this dessert.  Pretty sure most of the people round the table would agree, even Nicola, who doesn’t like Banoffee. (Yes Nicola, I saw you scrapping every last bit off your plate.)  If it was acceptable in a public place, I would have licked the plate.

Safe to say our experience at Grain was a great one, from the initial booking, through menu design to the eating. It was perfect.

I’d like to say thanks to Paul for creating such a great menu around everyone likes/dislikes and for a lovely evening.

If you have considered going here, then do it! If you’ve never heard of it before, then go book a table now.  I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

You can see their website and book a table here

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