Inflatable 5km Santa Run Ipswich – Review

Before shot in our Santa outfits

So on Saturday we headed over to Ipswich to run in the Inflatable 5k Santa run.  To start the day, we took a road trip over to Ipswich,  5 of us in the car made for a bit of a squash, for the guys in the back anyway, me and Lawrence were cushtie upfront with plenty of leg room.

With an hour to kill before our heat started we thought wed’d have a quick look around the event, some pretty fun looking obstacles and laughing coming from every direction we were all pretty excited.

Half hour to go, suited and booted in our outfits, completely unrecognisable in the sea of Santas, we headed over to the warm up area. Quick warm up done, we walked across to the start line. Not quite sure where it was, or when we were actually going.  a qiet “3, 2, 1, GO” and the crowd seemed to be moving.

Straight out of the gate there was a massive inflatable, kinda like an ‘A’ Frame but inflatale style.  Running up seemed like the only logical strategy then the sudden realisation of the unknown on the other side.  A shove from behind and i found myself sliding down the other side in fits of laughter.

The first half of the route was mostly running, bit annoying at first but it makes sense to have most of the obstacles together, and it was a 5k route after all.  A group decision that it’d be more fun going over everything in a group, mostly in the hope someone would struggle for a little comedy.  Certainly worked, every obstacle provided plenty of laughs.

The second half of the run was the best part, one huge obstacle after the other.  Remember as a kid how excited you got when you saw a bouncy castle?  Imagine that but with 10 different bouncy castles.  We have loads of photos up on our Facebook page here.

9th Inftable and a short wait as a lady had landed awkwardly and hurt her ankle.  Thankfully she was O.K and it was time to go.  4 Huge inflatable balls to bounce across, Easy!…..not so much.  But I was nearly last to go, no one in our group had fallen so I couldn’t  fall obviously.  Managed the last ball and relief came over me.  I hadn’t embarrassed myself.  Yay!

Only one more to go, shame,  I’d have loved to just spend the day on the inflatables and racing our team on them.  The last obstacle was called the ‘Leap Of Faith’ not much left to the imagination. a 15ft Jump onto a rash mat. Only 2 people could go at a time, we queued for 20 minutes, but we weren’t really bothered.  Marshalls were handing out mince pies and sweets so they kept the queue happy. It was out turn to go, climbing up the ladder seemed a lot steeper than it looked, having seen a handful of people get to the top and pull out I think we were all more nervous than we were letting on. Screams as people jumped from the top didn’t help.

As I got to the top, my head saying ‘Don’t think about it, just go, JUMP!’  the marshalls were great, not giving you time to back out, by the time I had stood up they were counting down 3, 2, 1, JUMP.  It was over so quick, a nice soft landing on a huge inflatable crash mat.  Getting off the thing was harder than the jump, but again the marshalls soon got you off and out the way.  15268058_10211143857336011_3677622059800136117_n

A short last run around the corner and across the line.  Medal and a T-Shirt, the good every looks for in a race!

Showing off our bling after the run

Showing off our bling after the run


Overall we had such a great morning, maybe a few little tweaks here and there would have polished it off. Saying that, for paying £25 and getting the bling you can’t really complain.  The queues for us weren’t an issue but I know some people running in the later waves queued over an hour for the last Jump.

Inflatable 5k run events all over and all year round, can check out the website and see what else they do here

Fancy doing something like this but don’t feel ready yet?  Come join us now, start your Free Week trial and get involved with others in the same boat.


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