Getting Fit This Spring

After New Year resolutions about getting into shape start to fade away as we wake up to cold, dark winter mornings it can be difficult to maintain the early optimism of getting fit again.

But there is light on the horizon with British Summer Time arriving on March 26th.

The days are becoming brighter and temperatures are rising. And with summer holidays just around the corner the arrival of spring is a big motivator to get back working out again.

The winter can have a negative effect on your schedule with dark nights and dark mornings, the cold and rainy weather puts a downer on your energy levels and all you want to do is stay inside where it’s warm and cosy and you put off working-out so much that it becomes the norm.

All that inactivity (and potenially over indulging) during the winter can make you put on a few pounds and definitely makes it harder to get back into the swing of things but there are some cheats you can deploy to get used to working out again

Find a friend to work out with

Having a workout buddy helps you stay motivated during your workouts and to keep going by not wanting to let each other down by not going

Try something new

Why not try out something new.  Heading to the gym and going through the motions can get tedious and boring.  Get yourself booked into a new class?  This just breaks the boring cycle, and will help you get your mojo back, keeping you interested.

Get outdoors

Now the summer is coming the weather is more welcoming for runs around the park or joining a Bootcamp or just a good long family walk or bike ride at weekends. Breath in the fresh are and let your body soak up the vitamin D and see how good it can make you feel.

Early morning classes

Everyone knows how easy it becomes to get up early when it’s light outside.  Getting out and active first thing in the morning give you a boost for the rest of the day! Being more focused and work, and you’ll have a  much more productive day.

Water workout

Once that weather starts heating up, what better way to get back into exercise than a fresh dip in the water.  Mix up your training by hitting the pool, or brave the cool open waters.

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