Colchester Castle 200th ParkRun

Saturday the 14th of January marked Colchester Castles 200th run!

Over the last 4 years since launch hundreds of people have rocked up every Saturday morning for the free event.

I headed up from lower Castle Park, regretting that I had forgotten my gloves.  It seemed as though everyone walking that way was running that morning.  Wrapped up in their running gear, chatting about their PB (Personal Best) runs, and hoping to beat them today as it was a ‘special’ run.

As I reached the meeting point in the upper Park,  I couldn’t believe how many people were there waiting to go.  There was a quick briefing then everyone gathered on the hill to make the ‘200’ shape for the big group photo.

Runners lining up for the ‘200’ photo

From there is was straight to the bandstand for race briefing.  I was listening in John (race director) as he spoke about the last 4 years and how much has been accomplished withinnthe ParkRun community.

He said how since launch, there have been 6,109 different runners equating to a huge 44,955 runs! All together they’ve ran 224,775km!  That’s 5.6 times around the equator!  Tough to get my head around that one! At today’s run there were 396 finishers.

To the start line!

By this time, most people were ready to go, freezing cold, thinking about how we’d soon be warmed up!


The route for today was the Yellow route, however we were running it in reverse, apparently it’s only the second time they’d chosen to run it this way.  I love the Colchester park run, because of the different routes they can use, and (maybe oddly) because of the hills, for me it’s another little challenge and keeps you on your toes.

Up and round the Castle to start then down to the Lower Park and headed out along the river. Running along taking the in beautiful scenery, the frosted ground and the sun starting to shine through the cloud.

Out and back along the river, then back towards the start lane for a 2nd lap.  This time, a quick loop around the boating lake at the bottom, back up the hill and one final trip around the castle and a sprint to the finish line.

Never dissapointed at the finish line, friends, supporters, marshals, all shouting and chearing you on.

It was a very cold morning today, that didn’t stop everyone doing their best.  It’s so great seeing the diversity of runners at this weekly run. From the front runners, running what seem to be impossible times to people who have just started running, wether that’s for enjoyment or fitness. And everyone in between.

The park run (and running in general) community in Colchester is a great one.  Constantly supporting and challenging each other.

If you’ve ever thought of heading down for Park Run, I can’t express how much you should go! You’ll be met with open arms and welcomes into the family.

All you need to do to get started is register on their website and print off your barcode.

Click here to find out more and register

Here at Bootcamp, we’ll be down at ParkRun a lot this year, getting new people involved, and pushing on those who regularly go already.

Why not come and try out Bootcamp for a week for free, and see how much it can help.  Wether you run already or just want to get fit, we can help

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